Should We Quit?

Part of my daily routine includes waking up, checking my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook notifications, and then continuing to get ready for the day. Throughout lunch or during the awkward silence before class starts I find myself checking my social media feed just because it is something to do. I like to be entertained constantly and social media on my phone is the most convenient way. I know I do not need social media, but I keep my profiles and continue to stay updated to everyone’s business for the sole purpose of “because I can.”

So, should we quit social media all together? I mean it is pointless; it simply is a popularity contest on who can get a higher amount of likes or considered a stalker website to see what your second cousin is doing with their Tuesday night. Many people are in the same situation that I am in, they just use it for the monotonous enjoyment of not sitting in awkward silence.

With that in mind, the constant never-ending streams of tweets, new pictures, and status updates can be very overwhelming. When I see a notification pop up on my phone, I feel obligated to see what it is and to make the notification disappear from my screen. I would like to quit social media because I know I spend an unhealthy amount of time on them, but so does everyone else that is considered normal in the world.

Would quitting cold turkey make me happier, or would I have anxiety because I don’t have the reassurance of what my friends and family are doing 24/7? Happiness is a very grey term; different things make different people happy. I don’t know if social media makes me happy… I will have to do a trial and error experiment to find out for myself.

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