Revised Digital Project – Analyzing Selfies

For my revised digital project, I decided to go along the lines of profile pictures and the information that can be retained from it. In my updated essay, I stated that each person displays one of the Big Five personality ┬átraits depending on the characteristics of themselves and what they display online. By doing further research, not only does color tell psychological factors of one’s self, but so does a person’s stance or outfit.

Instead of using Voyant tools for each blog post I created, I thought I would ask a few friends to send me selfies of themselves; with my newly retained information on the hidden messages behind profile pictures, I will hopefully be able to tell information about them that others cannot.

This is my suite mate, Crista, and she is wearing a blue top in her selfie. Because she is wearing a cool toned shirt that is very modest, she will most likely be considered memorable due to the hue and style of the shirt. She is sitting in her car; she could have been bored at a red light or just could not miss the perfect lighting.

Brooke, a close friend of mine on the soccer team at UMW, has a bubbly personalty as well as a funny sense of humor. Since her shirt is white, her hair style catches more attention along with her smirky smile. It could be perceived as if she does not necessarily care very much about her appearance, but can also be taken as a very comical and outgoing girl with an energetic.

My roommate, Jesse, is not one to take selfies that are funny. She recently died her hair in this photo and was uncomfortable taking a “serious selfie” to showcase her new color to her friends. If this photo was to be used as a profile picture, it can be assumed that she is very patriotic and full of spirit once the outer shy-shell is broken. Her forehead is cut off which shows some sort of insecurity with herself.


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