Love on Instagram

This week I have been questioning how love is defined in our society. With many thoughts and examples running through my mind, I have come to realize that social media plays a big role in how we judge and model relationships.

At lunch today I caught myself scrolling through my Instagram timeline and thinking to myself “awe, they are a cute couple.” Why did I think that? What made me lust upon their relationship through a few pictures on social media?

I often have to tell myself that social media is a form of popularity and “your best self.” If seems as if the couples that post about their relationship on social media for the world to see are more in love, but that may not be the case. As some jealously make spark from those who see the post or for those who it was secretly posted for (out of vengeance), social media does make it easier to communicate and create that initial interest.

In a way, I feel as if Instagram is an online dating mechanism  that is good for our generation; it is something that we can all relate to and share common interests on. All is well until someone brings up the fact that the one-on-one personal interaction is lost. You may not get to fully know or understand the person when you are dm-ing them instead of casually talking over dinner.

I only use Instagram to see what my friends and family are up to… it might not be the best possible system since it’s not really who they are, or the person I know. Of course I love to see pictures of my friends and their significant others, but is that really them?


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