Black Friday

Right after Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I usually sit around after dessert and look through the black Friday deals in the newspapers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that shopping has been predominately technology based and has become a less stressful experience for the shoppers. Customers accentuate the hassle of shopping at midnight even though most of the wanted items are already out-of-stock after the midnight rush of shoppers.

As technology is progressing rapidly, companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy made heavy investments into e-commercials and adds on social media sites, Amazon pop-ups, and even old fashioned email subscriptions. Many customers became very angry with the big name companies due to false advertising on the adds.

A recent article on MarketWatch told the story of the tragic fake iPhone X news. As many customers drove to numerous Wal-Marts due to an add clearly stating that the iPhone X would be available for in-store purchases, shoppers became very disappointed after waiting for hours at the technology activation stand. The store only claimed to carry iPhone 8 and 8 pluses; many customers were very aggravated.

On Target’s Facebook page, there were many complaints from customers who couldn’t figure out which stores were open and their specific hours of operation during this hectic “holiday.”

Because social media is so widely used by everyone across the nation, staying at home and joining the growing ranks of those shopping online beats the in person madness. Although many staff members of the big name stores received the worst end of the customer frustration, it seemed like the companies were making an attempt to respond to the complaints made on social media.


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