Speed Dating & Online Dating

In the 1990s, speed dating became very popular and defined a whole new meaning of love, relationships, and technology. Because people’s lives are so busy nowadays, speed dating was created to minimize the old-school courtships and the time put forth into creating a relationship (Tonder). The idea remains that first impressions are everything, so why go through the troubles of letters and prolonged phone calls? Scientists say that within 3 seconds, a person already has their mind made up on whether they like or dislike that particular someone (Tonder).  After doing further research, love became a complicated topic when categorized with technology, pornography, gossip, and fashion.

The birth of speed dating, at the time, was a very popular and hot topic everyone was talking about; many people that could not find love wanted to try this new phenomenon. The short and mainly pointless conversations created within those scarce 3-8 minutes created gossip within the communities. The most fascinating part that I find throughout research of speed dating is that people are so easily affected by others within that short amount of time; if you are truly looking for love, you will do anything to find it.

Speed dating can sometimes be a “Debby-downer,” meaning it is a hard realization to find out someone is not interested in you within a matter of seconds. Although it may be a self-confidence crusher, it does make it easier to pick out the qualities you find attractive in a person as well as the many turn-offs that are bound to be brought to one’s attention.

With the advanced technology that is available today, speed dating is no longer popular; online dating is much more efficient and easily accessible. The internet is such a large portion of our every day lives and finding your soulmate online makes sense, right? Because many young adults are so focused on being successful, it becomes hard for one to simply hang out in a bar and physically put forth the effort and time to introduce yourself to someone you find attractive (Knudson). With online dating, there is the possibility of being “cat-fished,” meaning people put forth the person they want to be known as.

On the other hand, online dating is a place to meet like-minded people. It offers a sense of anonymity which causes people to feel emotionally safer (Knudson). By taking the dating process literally step by step, it becomes a great tool to step out of your social bubble and take a whack at love at your own pace. Online dating also reduces the chance of rejection allowing you to respond after you think about what you want to say.



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