Mid-Life Romance

A growing number of adults have become more familiar with the online dating world. In today’s society, there are currently 30.8 million single adults between the ages of 40 and 64. Because of the technology available, it is easier than ever to find that special someone.

Because of online technology and a less restrictive environment, today’s single adults have more options and opportunities to meet each other than ever before. According to statistic brain.com, 22% of people between the ages of 45-54 have used online dating websites; only 12% of people within the ages of 55-64 have used an online dating website. An estimated 40 million American adults have tried some form of online dating which stands to show the growing popularity of finding love online.

Many authors and love dating experts find that love is possible at any age but only comes to those who are ready to embrace it. Online dating is so popular amongst middle aged adults because they have accepted their life for what it is and are ready for commitment.

It was found that the key to a successful relationship online consists of embracing technology with a combination of old-fashioned romance. The internet enables them to have a larger pool of applicants and allows for a convenient way to meet people. Although dating online is more likely among young and middle-aged adults, older adults are more likely to go online and search for a potential life partner. Even though there is research proving that older adults engage in more interest in online dating websites, there is no evidence proving how they present themselves on their profiles.

A factor that is associated with successful online dating within the middle-aged adults remains connected to three standards held by their dating peers: low probability of disease or illness, actively functioning physical and mental abilities, and active engagement with life and social activities. This theory created by J. W. Rowe and R. L. Kahn often receives much criticism because it is thought to be narrow and unrealistic. It is also thought to be a negative theory since many middle-aged adults are very content with their life and are very optimistic about getting older. Many older adults find a balance of peace and harmony by aging with grace within the body and internal notion of love.

Many reasons why the three standards were chosen are related to the basis of expressing one’s interest. Participation in physical and cognitive activities are related to high levels of functioning. It is never too late to find love, and technology and online dating sites make it very accessible to enjoy life with someone that shares common interests and attraction.



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