Facebook Love

Between all forms of social media, especially Facebook, relationships are usually blown out of proportion and may seem more lively then they actually are. Since social media has basically been is millennials’ whole lives, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without Facebook. Social media is with people through every milestone of their life and can be considered a memory book throughout the years. The memories and feelings associated with Facebook may also be contributed to the change connected with love on social media.

In today’s day and age, a simple post on a Facebook wall or the sight of that specific person’s name on a phone is considered sparking interest into one another. Trading messages back and forth is much easier than talking face-to-face; the awkward silence is avoided and there is much more time to think about responses that would like to be heard.

Because 40% of girls check their Facebook crush’s profile more than once a day, it is important to them that the public knows of their relationship. Once a relationship is announced on Facebook, it is known as a big deal due to the subtle announcement to family and close loves ones.

A public social media profile can display information about someone’s interests and likes. For example, a person who commonly changes their profile picture’s are known as looking for attention and are commonly talked about as desperate. Not everything is known about someone from their profile, but one can realize how easy it is to be fooled online.



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