Explanation of Interactive Tools

Within my shared posts under my research file, I added media that contributes to a visual message based off of the main points specific to that blog post. After reading each blog post and conrtibuting about 3 minutes to understanding the main points and messages conveyed in each category, hopefully the reader will have a different perspective of dating online.

I for one believe that love exists online and technology and social media are just there to give us a little nudge in the right direction. After research throughout several topics of social media and technology, I found that a visual of the main words I want to get across in my topic of the blog post help convey the importance and of those specific words.

For the topics of “Speed Dating and Online Dating” as well as “Mid-Life Romance,” I decided to do a visual image with the help from voyant-tools.org. I used the cirrus setting for the display images and picked the amount of words that suited the blog post itself. For the first topic regarding speed dating, I decided not to include so many words because there really is not much put into speed dating nowadays. For the topic discussing mid-life romances, I added more words to emphasize the many people that fall under that category and the open opportunities available online disregarding age.

Under the topic of “Tinder Vs Online Dating” and “Facebook Love,” I used voyant-tools.org again and used the links visual. I chose this visual demonstration because there was much more information and detail wrapped up into the topics. All of the main categories can be related and connected to subtopics within the same category. Within the 3 minutes spent reading and understanding the visuals, the reader should be able to distinguish the similarities and differences between each link of words and ideas related to the topic of the blog post.

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