Revised Digital Project – Analyzing Selfies

For my revised digital project, I decided to go along the lines of profile pictures and the information that can be retained from it. In my updated essay, I stated that each person displays one of the Big Five personality  traits depending on the characteristics of themselves and what they display online. By doing further research, not only does color tell psychological factors of one’s self, but so does a person’s stance or outfit.

Instead of using Voyant tools for each blog post I created, I thought I would ask a few friends to send me selfies of themselves; with my newly retained information on the hidden messages behind profile pictures, I will hopefully be able to tell information about them that others cannot.

This is my suite mate, Crista, and she is wearing a blue top in her selfie. Because she is wearing a cool toned shirt that is very modest, she will most likely be considered memorable due to the hue and style of the shirt. She is sitting in her car; she could have been bored at a red light or just could not miss the perfect lighting.

Brooke, a close friend of mine on the soccer team at UMW, has a bubbly personalty as well as a funny sense of humor. Since her shirt is white, her hair style catches more attention along with her smirky smile. It could be perceived as if she does not necessarily care very much about her appearance, but can also be taken as a very comical and outgoing girl with an energetic.

My roommate, Jesse, is not one to take selfies that are funny. She recently died her hair in this photo and was uncomfortable taking a “serious selfie” to showcase her new color to her friends. If this photo was to be used as a profile picture, it can be assumed that she is very patriotic and full of spirit once the outer shy-shell is broken. Her forehead is cut off which shows some sort of insecurity with herself.


Quitting Twitter

In an article from aNewDomain, a man by the name of Dennis D. McDonald quit twitter three weeks ago and wrote about his experience.

Within his progress report, the most obvious change in his post-twitter life was the quality of his work day. McDonald was much more productive during the day because he was not constantly checking his timeline and responding to ruthless Trump tweets; all of the reading, retweeting, and responding to tweets wasted much of his time.

He also claims that he is less stressed because he is not keeping up with Trump’s misbehaviors and lies; he does not feel less informed about information within the world. Because technology and social media is so fast paced, McDonald figured that he would hear about any tragic or important stories on the news later in the day – his wife is also watches the news religiously.

Quitting twitter did not justify his concern about the speed at which Twitter and social media networks are spreading large amounts of misinformation, partial truths, conspiracy theories, and lies. He claims he can now focus on more important issues rather than create arguments between anti Trump and pro Trump facts. Not engaging in online feuds created a distance from Twitter and McDonald that he is very pleased with the results.

Black Friday

Right after Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I usually sit around after dessert and look through the black Friday deals in the newspapers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that shopping has been predominately technology based and has become a less stressful experience for the shoppers. Customers accentuate the hassle of shopping at midnight even though most of the wanted items are already out-of-stock after the midnight rush of shoppers.

As technology is progressing rapidly, companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy made heavy investments into e-commercials and adds on social media sites, Amazon pop-ups, and even old fashioned email subscriptions. Many customers became very angry with the big name companies due to false advertising on the adds.

A recent article on MarketWatch told the story of the tragic fake iPhone X news. As many customers drove to numerous Wal-Marts due to an add clearly stating that the iPhone X would be available for in-store purchases, shoppers became very disappointed after waiting for hours at the technology activation stand. The store only claimed to carry iPhone 8 and 8 pluses; many customers were very aggravated.

On Target’s Facebook page, there were many complaints from customers who couldn’t figure out which stores were open and their specific hours of operation during this hectic “holiday.”

Because social media is so widely used by everyone across the nation, staying at home and joining the growing ranks of those shopping online beats the in person madness. Although many staff members of the big name stores received the worst end of the customer frustration, it seemed like the companies were making an attempt to respond to the complaints made on social media.


Romantic Relationships over the Holidays

During the holiday season, many people often have an extended amount of time off of work – this means they have more time to spend with their family and loved ones. It is such a joyous feeling to have all of one’s family and friends in one place at the same time; all of this time off can result in some serious thinking and life doubts. This break and time away from work makes a person reflect upon their life, especially around the holiday season when giving gifts to your loved ones is such a rewarding feeling.

Some couples make if through the holidays whereas some crack under pressure and cannot handle the true definition of a dedicated couple over the long few weeks. Because so many jewelry commercials, specifically ones focusing on engagement rings, and couple expectations rise over the next few months (late November – early February), reality hits home in certain partners making them come to the realization that they cannot handle the commitment, especially over the holidays.

The holiday season is prime time to promise and reassure one’s love for each other. The pressure of the holiday season can spike jewelry sales, hotel room occupancies, dating agency accounts and profiles, and even gym memberships. Much pressure is brought upon couples around the holiday season, especially on social media. Many family members like to reconnect and know what it going on with each other’s significant partner. If one is not constantly posting about everything they are doing with their time off around the joyous season, people begin to question the strength of the relationship and may even break bonds between the couple. Self-doubt and questioning becomes an issue, not mentioning the reconnecting of strange family relatives that may to necessarily get along with one’s potential life partner.

There is always the possibility of breaking relationships over the holidays, but there is also the one individual who just wants someone to love and kiss on New Year’s Eve. Not all love is bad over the holidays, but a breakup can be escalated very quickly due to the pressure of social media, family, and societal norms.

Should We Quit?

Part of my daily routine includes waking up, checking my Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook notifications, and then continuing to get ready for the day. Throughout lunch or during the awkward silence before class starts I find myself checking my social media feed just because it is something to do. I like to be entertained constantly and social media on my phone is the most convenient way. I know I do not need social media, but I keep my profiles and continue to stay updated to everyone’s business for the sole purpose of “because I can.”

So, should we quit social media all together? I mean it is pointless; it simply is a popularity contest on who can get a higher amount of likes or considered a stalker website to see what your second cousin is doing with their Tuesday night. Many people are in the same situation that I am in, they just use it for the monotonous enjoyment of not sitting in awkward silence.

With that in mind, the constant never-ending streams of tweets, new pictures, and status updates can be very overwhelming. When I see a notification pop up on my phone, I feel obligated to see what it is and to make the notification disappear from my screen. I would like to quit social media because I know I spend an unhealthy amount of time on them, but so does everyone else that is considered normal in the world.

Would quitting cold turkey make me happier, or would I have anxiety because I don’t have the reassurance of what my friends and family are doing 24/7? Happiness is a very grey term; different things make different people happy. I don’t know if social media makes me happy… I will have to do a trial and error experiment to find out for myself.

Love on Instagram

This week I have been questioning how love is defined in our society. With many thoughts and examples running through my mind, I have come to realize that social media plays a big role in how we judge and model relationships.

At lunch today I caught myself scrolling through my Instagram timeline and thinking to myself “awe, they are a cute couple.” Why did I think that? What made me lust upon their relationship through a few pictures on social media?

I often have to tell myself that social media is a form of popularity and “your best self.” If seems as if the couples that post about their relationship on social media for the world to see are more in love, but that may not be the case. As some jealously make spark from those who see the post or for those who it was secretly posted for (out of vengeance), social media does make it easier to communicate and create that initial interest.

In a way, I feel as if Instagram is an online dating mechanism  that is good for our generation; it is something that we can all relate to and share common interests on. All is well until someone brings up the fact that the one-on-one personal interaction is lost. You may not get to fully know or understand the person when you are dm-ing them instead of casually talking over dinner.

I only use Instagram to see what my friends and family are up to… it might not be the best possible system since it’s not really who they are, or the person I know. Of course I love to see pictures of my friends and their significant others, but is that really them?